Penalty Awaited Ricciardo in GP Canada | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
[ 05-06-2018 ]

Penalty Awaited Ricciardo in GP Canada | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

TA888 - After grabbing his second  sport betting win of the season at the GP Monaco, Daniel Ricciardo awaited a penalty in the Canadian series. This Red Bull driver is punished at least 10 grids. Ricciardo emerged victorious in the Monaco series and, ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. This became his second sport betting victory after China. But Ricciardo completed the race with damage to the MGU-K part of his car. This is the car part that stores and restores kinetic energy, when the car is in the braking stage sport betting.

The damage caused Red Bull to make the MGU-K switch for the third time before the allowed time, which meant a 10 grid penalty in the next series. The problem is, the problem is not expected to end up in MGU-K damage. Red Bull is still finding out if there is any damage to the battery and electronic control components in the Ricciardo car. If both must also be replaced, each will incur a five grid penalty. "He certainly will get some penalties in Montreal, we just have not heard just how many penalties this time," said Red Bull Technical Head, Adrian Newey.

"One of the things we need to find out is whether the batteries are broken online sport betting or not in Monaco, so until we hear clearly about this from Renault, we're not sure what we're up against. About the online sport betting damage to MGU-K, it's definitely a penalty." he contnined . This is not a matter of reliability first for Ricciardo. He had previously experienced engine problems at the Bahrain GP and failed to finish. Overall Ricciardo has twice not completed the race, with one other incident is an accident with his teammate, Max Verstappen in Azerbaijan. He finished fourth online sport betting in Australia and fifth in Spain.

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