Verstappen Asked to Learn from Mistakes | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting
[ 27-05-2018 ]

Verstappen Asked to Learn from Mistakes | Sport Betting | Online Sport Betting

TA888 - Max Verstappen sport betting crashed in Monaco's third GP training session that kept him out of qualifying. He was asked to learn from mistakes. Verstappen actually showed great potential since the first training session. From session to sport betting session, the 20-year-old driver was always in second place tightly attached to his teammate, Daniel Ricciardo. But in the third session, Verstappen made a sport betting mistake at the corner of the pool. His car hit the track wall so that his right side of RB14 was destroyed.

Dutch rider was then absent from qualifying and will start the race from the last position. Especially after the car is also known to have damage to the gearbox and must make a change, which for this he gets a penalty five grids. Ricciardo's success in seizing the pole made the Verstappen incident seem ironic. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner heavily disappointed Verstappen dumped a good chance to bring the team to dominate the Monaco Grand Prix. "We have a good car, he's an incredibly fast rider and will be able to compete for pole today. For the whole team to be just walking on one leg, with this powerful car, it's frustrating." he said.

"This place could 'bite' you and he was bitten badly enough in a online sport betting session that was almost nothing but to set the car in. He was in a car capable of winning this GP and it would make him even more hurt online sport betting because you did not get a lot of chances to win the Monaco GP He needs to learn from this and stop doing these kinds of mistakes He knows more than anyone and I would imagine that his qualifications become quite painful online sport betting for him, see what he might accomplish," he added.

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