Filipe Luis: Griezmann
[ 11-05-2018 ]

Filipe Luis: Griezmann's Price Is Cheap | Sport Betting | Online Sport betting

TA888 - Antoine Griezmann becomes Atletico Madrid's most talked about sport betting player of his future. Filipe Luis admits the price of his team-mate was too cheap. Griezmann is said to be leaving Atletico for Barcelona in the summer. Rumors have grown since last summer after the Blaugrana lost Neymar, but strengthened at the end of this season. The sport betting reason is none other because the Griezmann release clause will drop dramatically in the summer. Currently the clause is still at 200 million euros, but it will drop to only half after this season ends. With that price, Griezmann will undoubtedly be a good bargain purchase for top sport betting clubs.

Filipe Luis also admitted it. But for now Atletico called Filipe did not think about the issue, including Griezmann himself "Griezmann is cheap, of course, at the price of 100 million euros in this transfer market.It will look even cheaper if he perform well in the Europa League final," said Filipe quoted Sky Sports. "neither Griezmann nor we are thinking about it, that's the reality. After the finals, yes, but not before. No doubt he's been the most decisive player for us this season, so we want him to endure, but what happens afterwards is something completely separate from what happened this week, "he added.

Madrid Chief Executive Miguel Angel Gil Marin was previously upset with Barcelona related statements Griezmann. But his online sport betting colleague Atletico President Enrique Cerezo insists the player will decide the next step. "I see him behaving well on and off the pitch. Antoine Griezmann is an Atletico Madrid online sport betting player and the future has to be decided by himself," Cerezo told Marca. "We are proud to have it, we will make every effort possible for him to continue with us, not just Griezmann ... but also Oblak, all of them," he added quoted Soccerway online sport betting .

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